Is The Mavic Mini Really All That? Read This Review.

Ah yes, as soon as competing companies announced a drone (Skydio 2), DJI as it’s known to do rolls out the Mavic Mini. This review will tell you if you should get it.

As an owner of 5 drones at this point in time (all DJI by the way), I am going to examine the most common questions and points about this model so you will know if you can confidently buy it or wait on something else (or possibly buy a better model that already exists).

Anyway, let’s get to the most obvious things about the Mavic Mini out of the way first: 

Name: DJI Mavic Mini (Get it here).dji mavic mini review screenshot

Price: $399 for the drone and remote and about $599 for the extra package (extra batteries and other accessories).

Main features:

  • 3 axis gimbal.
  • 2.7k shooting capability. 
  • 249 grams in weight (I’ll address why there’s pros and cons to this).
  • 20 minute + flight time (unlikely to get to the 30 unless conditions are perfect).
  • Up to a 4 KM range, although owning a Mavic Air with the same type of connection, I’d put that to around 1KM in most cases.

Overall score: 70 out of 100 points.

This drone is definitely recommended to the following people:

  • Complete beginners who may or may have never flown a drone, but want that great beginner model. This is it.
  • Those who are avid drone collectors like myself (although at this point in time I am not buying it).
  • People who want to upgrade from the Spark (Yes I think it’s better than it). 
  • Those who wish to temporarily go around drone regulations (249 grams). But I did say temporary for a reason (coming up).

Who this drone may not be for:

Let’s get to the pros the Mavic Mini truly has:

1) Let’s start with the 249 gram weight.

Yes, this is an advantage, because you will not need to register it (until inevitable regulations say you do), but you still have to adhere to regular drone rules despite that.

If you plan on traveling to other countries, I would still be very careful and make sure you follow their guidelines to know if you need to register them or see if they are even legal to use in the country you’re traveling to.

2) The camera for the size is actually quite good.

Despite not being able to do 4k, a 2.7k capability and image quality that I would say is equal to or better than the Spark, this thing is great for beginners and even those who wish to take good photos in general.

3) Extremely portable.

Without a doubt, this drone’s size, folding capability and weight make it the current portable drone king there is.

4) Great drone for beginners.

Yes I am currently going to say that if you never owned one, get this if you’re a beginner. I’ll have to update my article on beginner drones worth getting and make this #1.

5) A really long flight time.

Considering the size of this drone, I expected it to have the same flight same as the Spark, but it does not. In fact, it’s twice as long, and even beats the Mavic Air from what I have seen. This is VERY impressive for such a small model.

6) There is pretty good range reliability.

This is a VERY important factor for me and should be for you. All these potential drone ranges should never be taken as is. You will almost always get a shorter flight range (here’s how to improve it), but in this drone’s case, it’s overall pretty good.

It’s about as strong as the Air in terms of range reliability and overall, I am happy with that drone’s range, as you will be with the Mini if you get it.

If these pros are enough for you to get the Mini, you can get it here.

Now for the Mavic Mini cons…

1) It’s just a matter of time before…

Governments force you to register the Mini. It won’t be long until someone does something very foolish and in large numbers to make governments take action. This current 249 gram advantage is temporary. Enjoy it while it’s here.

2) Sound. Why is it SO loud!?

I considered swapping my Spark for the Mini but when I heard that it’s only SLIGHTLY less noisy than the Spark, I decided against it. This thing is only a few decibals based on what I saw quieter than the Spark and consider that drone has one of the loudest and most annoying noises I’ve seen in all my drones (the Air does too), I can’t see myself getting the Mini for this reason.

3) People thinking of upgrading if they own Mavic Air or better models should think again.

Like I said and listed before, there are numerous and obviously way better drones on the market and if you already own a portable, high camera quality drone, I would not “upgrade” to this model. 

There is an argument to be made for people who have huge drone models like Yuneec or Phantoms and even in that case, I wouldn’t sell those. Just buy a regular Mini with the remote and you’ll be happy.

Oh and if you own less popular models like the Breeze and other none DJI ones that are small, yes, the Mavic Mini is absolutely going to be an upgrade in this case.

So is the Mavic Mini really all that?

Well for first time or beginner drone users it can be and I honestly think this is a very good drone model to get started with if you’re new. But as someone who earlier said he owns 5 models, I don’t really see myself getting this one anytime soon.

Certain firmware upgrades can and will be coming through to the Mini that will make it better and better overtime, and I will be sure to do comparison reviews between this model and the most obvious ones you can compare it to like the Spark, the Air, the first Mavic Pro and second, all of which I own.

So the 70 score this model gets is well deserved for this model. Again, don’t let the 249 grams this thing weights be the deciding factor for your purchase. I think any experienced drone flier knows this perk is temporary. 

But if you have questions about the Mini or currently own a specific model you’re considering swapping for it, let me know and I’ll help you make the decision.

Mavic Mini

$399 and up.







Range reliability



  • Very small and very portable.
  • Very light and currently isn't bound to all drone regulations.
  • Pretty solid photo and video on it.
  • Great flight time for such a small model.


  • It's still very loud.
  • Is not a pro level filming drone.

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