5 Mavic Pro 2 And Zoom Accessories You Can’t Fly Without

For every drone I own, I write an article on at least 3-5 accessories you should get with the specific model. With the Mavic Pro 2 (Zoom as well), I have 3 recommendations.

Now I don’t own the Zoom, but you might and since the body of that (and the flight specs) are literally the same thing, these accessories will serve you perfectly fine if you own that model of if you own the Mavic 2 Pro like I do.

Here are the 5 accessories I recommend you get for your Mavic 2 (Pro or Zoom):

  1. A car charger for the battery.mavic 2 pro accessories
  2. A case (for safety).
  3. 1 extra battery
  4. A clear film to protect the Mavic body from it’s wings rubbing against it.
  5. An anker wire for a stable connection between the phone and remote.

1) Car charger for the Mavic 2 battery:

I know certain people prefer to get extra batteries instead of using this, but man, you will save yourself a of money if you do. The basic principal (and money saver) of the car charger is this:

  • You own an expensive drone.
  • You get no more than 2 batteries.
  • And you get a car charger for the batteries.

In my personal opinion, this beats having to get anymore batteries, because most people who drive to film can always charge one while the other is being used on the drone. You can literally save yourself a $100+ on every battery you’d have to buy as long as you own the car charger.

Sure you can get 5 batteries and that’ll run you about $700+, or you can only stick to 2, which would be $130 (1 would come with the drone), a $20 or dollar car charger and boom, you don’t need anymore batteries. 

Plus as I’ve said (and experienced drone owners know), you need to discharge batteries at least once every 2-3 weeks, so the more you have, the more of a headache it’ll become. It’s way easier to save money and get the discharging job done through this approach. Here is a link to the charger.

2) A case (specifically for the Mavic 2):

Ok so, with every popular drone, there’s tons of cases that come out. Some people elect to go with the big, super protective, water proof cases (nothing wrong with that), but I personally prefer something that is “down the middle”, meaning it’s pretty light to carry, easy to carry, waterproof enough and doesn’t take up much space.

The exact same company I purchased a case from when I got my original Mavic Pro released a case for the Mavic Pro 2 (and Zoom) and here is the case I recommend for the Mavic 2 Pro.

That’ll fit the drone itself, the remote, up to 3 batteries, and some minor accessories like extra propellers, but you can insert the drone itself into this case with the propellers on. If you already own this drone, you’ll know the box it comes in, it will not fit the drone inside it with the propellers on.

3) Just 1 extra battery (here’s why):

You already know why it’s just 1 that you need and with a car charger, you’ll be totally fine. The price of the MP 2 battery is currently $130. Here is a link where I found it for $112. Keep in mind that the price may have changed since.

4) A clear film applied to the body of the drone:

So this is an optional accessory, but I’ll explain why I included this in the accessory list:

When I got my Mavic 2 Pro, I noticed an issue with the body, and by the way, this was confirmed by DJI as being “normal” in that the back wings would rub on the body of the drone when folded and I have to say, this is a feature I did not like, but have to live with if I want to keep using my drone.

Now there’s a few around this issue, you can either manually fold the back wings and just LIGHTLY pull them away from the body as they are getting close to the body so they don’t touch and scratch it, or you can elect to go the route of putting on a clear film on the body which will make the back wings slide against it and not scratch the drone when you fold the wings. This is something a guy on a forum suggested I do and said it worked well for him.

For me personally, I use the manual, pull option without messing up the wings, but if you don’t want to constantly do that over and over, or you’re worried you’ll forget, the clear film is another option. Because it’s clear, it’s hard to see it after awhile. You can get this in any supermarket and it’s used for foods, but you could also pick it up in a hardware store too. 

5) As always, the anker wire for better connection:

There’s a red wire I use for ALL my drones when I connect the phone to the remote and it’s been extremely useful in that it is designed to bend way easier and provides a stronger connection to the drone, this I’ve tested and know for sure. Here is a link to the anker wire I use.

It’s an extremely cheap accessory and far more reliable to use than with the standard wire that comes with your Mavic 2 (Zoom). You can get it in 3-6 feet lengths, but as always make sure you select the right set up that works with your phone (Android or iPhone).

As of now, these 5 accessories are awesome to have with your Mavic 2 (or Zoom) and I would say at least 3 of them are mandatory as far as I see this. I’m not the type to say you need the usual recommendations such as ND filters or landing gear, those other accessories are all up to you to use or not, but I have you my 5 that I’d strongly recommend.

Remember, ALL 5 accessories fit perfectly well, whether it would be on the Mavic 2 Pro or the Mavic 2 Zoom.

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