Should I Buy a Phantom 4 Pro V2.0? Here’s Your Answer.

If you own a Phantom 4 Advanced, or a Pro version of it (1.0), then I would 100% not get the V2.0 at all. And if you don’t own one of those, then yes, you should.

Very recently, DJI released a brand new drone model, an “evolved”, 2.0 version of one of it’s top models: The Phantom 4 Pro, a model that I happen to own (and love!).

With every new model DJI releases, there’s always a group of people who can’t wait to get it and then there’s some who already own a previous version of the new release and want to know if it’s worth upgrading. 

As there’s a lot of questions surrounding the new P4P V2.0, I’ll be answering the most common questions, including:

  • How different is the new P4P V2.0 compared to the old P4P? 
  • What’s so different about this new model? Is it really that special?
  • If you own a P4P already, should you get this new one? I already answered this.
  • What about if you’ve never owned a Phantom? Is this the right time to buy it? Well it depends (The Mavic 2 Pro is an option now).

So let’s clarify everything you need to know about this new model:

I own a P4P, how similar is to the P4P V2.0?

If you’re like me an already have a P4P (my review of it), then it’s about 99% the same as the “new” version. As a quick spec rundown, here’s what’s still exactly the same:

  • Same exact camera.
  • Same exact range.
  • Same exact body.
  • Same 5 sensors to detect obstacles.
  • Same intelligent flight modes.
  • Same exact intelligence system to fly safely.

So yeah, it’s 99% the same like I said. And if you own the advanced version of the P4P, everything is still the same EXCEPT it has 2 sensors, not 5.

Alright, so what then is so special about the new version?

Well there’s 4 minor upgrades that stand out, at least if you compare it to the previous P4P model:

-It has an advanced ESC system which allows for longer flight time, but only a few minutes at best.

-There’s new, low noise propellers which also add to the flight time. This is likely to become a thing you can purchase if you own a previous Phantom 4 model. I know because DJI did the same thing with the Mavic Pro when the Platinum version came out.

-There is an ocusync change up in the transmission between the remote, the drone and if you choose to connect it to your DJI goggles. This new change will allow you to have a better transmission between the Goggles and drone.

-And finally, the remote controller itself, whether you buy this model without the screen or with it, the remote itself has a vent on it. I don’t know if it’s for ventilation or if acts as a mic though.

Should people who own a P4P get the new model?

I do not see ANY good reason to do it. You’re just buying pretty much the exact same drone twice if you do. The only thing you’d gain from the new model is a slightly better flight time.

And like I said, the new propellers will become available (if they aren’t already) so P4P owners like me will be able to buy it, have a quieter Phantom and we’ll also gain a little bit of extra flight time in the process. You’re really not missing out on anything grand if you decide NOT to get the 2.0.

I had the same conclusion about the Mavic Pro platinum and said if you owned the original, you didn’t need to upgrade to the new one, it made no sense…

But what if I do not own a P4P or any Phantom for that matter?

Then you can absolutely get the new version. Not only is it 99% the same as the old one, but the price is the same.

  • The original P4P was $1,500, so is this one.
  • The original P4P+ (with the screen attached to the remote) was $1,800. This one is too. 

So if you’re hungry for a NEW Phantom model, yeah, get this. But if you’re also a little bit tighter on cash, wait for the Phantom 5. At this point, it’ll be worth it.

In summation, DJI is doing the same thing with the 2.0 as it did with the Mavic Pro Platinum:

Before they release the next generation models (Mavic Pro 2 and P5), DJI is following in the same footsteps it did when the Mavic Pro was so popular, that they released a slightly upgraded version known as the Mavic Pro Platinum which like the 2.0 model also had better propellers (which you could buy separately) and an improved ESC system for slightly longer flight times.

As a Mavic Pro owner, I elected NOT to get the Platinum because not only was it $100 more (for the base), but I felt like it was a waste of money. All I did was I got myself the advanced propellers and I was perfectly happy. I am sure that once I do the same with the new propellers for the Phantom, it’ll produce the same results. 

While I am disappointing that there’s still no word on the P5 or the Mavic Pro 2, I feel like DJI is milking all it can for it’s existing models. I hope they haven’t run out of ideas (I doubt it). Maybe this release was just a move to keep DJI fans satisfied while competitors like Autel release their new Evo drone.

I honestly don’t know, but the P4P itself is already so advanced that there’s very little the 2.0 does to add to it. A few minutes of extra flight time on an already long flying drone doesn’t make a difference to me.

I do like the idea of the new propellers and have always wanted to see something like this, as the P4P is very loud and it can also be annoying too, so yes, this would be the only reasonable purchase for existing P4P users. Otherwise, my honest opinion is to wait for the P5. That’s exactly what I’m doing…

And again, I did an official review of the P4P here. It was 95 points. The 2.0 will be rated exactly the same and all links will now point to the 2.0 page. Since the price is the same and the model is 99% the same too as the old one, it’s just the right change to make.

So sum it up once again:

  • The 2.0 model is 99% identical to the P4P.
  • There’s 4 MINOR improvements to the new model.
  • The price point is exactly the same.
  • People who own a P4P should avoid buying the 2.0 and just get the propellers. 
  • People who have money to spare, who have never owned a Phantom should consider getting the 2.0.
  • People who don’t have money to spare, never owned, but want a Phantom should wait for the P5 to come out. It’s expected to happen before the end of 2018 and in my opinion, it’s worth the wait.

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