Parrot ANAFI vs Autel Evo. Which Drone is Better For You?

Today is the first time I am doing a comparison between 2 drones and neither of them are made by DJI, that being the Parrot ANAFI and the Autel Evo.

I like these 2 models and decided to do a vs between them so if you’re on the fence about one or the other, or perhaps you’re still considering an entirely different drone, this article will help you decide on all of that.

I have done individual reviews and specs on both the Parrot ANAFI and Autel Evo:

You can check out my Parrot ANAFI review here. I rated it 70 out of 100 points.

And also I’ve done a review on the Autel Evo here. I rated that one 75 out of 100 points

Now don’t let these differences in points make you decide just yet on which model to get just yet, read this comparison first because you may be looking for specific drone features in one of these models and one may have them, while the other doesn’t. The points I gave reflect the drones as a whole, but there’s certainly distinct features the ANAFI holds over the Autel worth examining…

Let’s start with the camera of the Parrot ANAFI and Autel Evo:

This is the first time in a comparison I’ve done where I can’t actually give it to either drone (you’ll have to decide once I list where each camera excels). The reason why is because they each hold advantages over the other and it’s pretty even when you examine all the camera possibilities of each drone. Allow me to explain:

  • Overall, the image and video quality is SLIGHTLY better on the Autel. It is after all a 4K @ 60 FPS video quality. 
  • But the ANAFI is no joke. It has a 21 megapixel camera and shoots at 4K as well, but at 30 FPS. 

It also has a zoom option which is a seriously cool perk. The Evo doesn’t have this. Additionally, it also has a 180 degree tilting camera angle that not even the new Mavic Pro 2’s camera can do to the same extent. The Evo doesn’t have this either.

Furthermore, I sincerely wish anyone good luck in trying to distinguish one drone’s footage over the other, they are just both at such a high level that you’ll get great shots with either.

So overall, in terms of image and video, the Autel model is slightly better, but with all the perks the ANAFI model holds, it’s either even or it wins in this case. You decide on what you wish to use the drone for, then see which of these drones is better for that use.

autel evo 1 vs parrot anafi

Which drone is quieter. Parrot ANAFI or Autel Evo?

The ANAFI. Although the Autel model is also pretty quiet, Parrot’s model is still even quieter, it’s actually the most quiet, high quality, portable drone on the market today.

Which drone flies longer? ANAFI or Evo?

It’s actually even. The Evo technically can get 30 minutes but as I’ve said MANY times, I have not seen any test prove that, so it’s closer to 25 minutes, which is actually around what the Parrot gets.

Which drone flies further? 

The Evo. It’ll get you about 3.5-7 KM while the other can only do about 3-4 KM.

Which drone has better safety?

The Evo does 100%. It has 2 (not 3) sensors. The other has no sensors at all.

Which of these models is better for beginners?

The Evo because it’s MORE stable and more reliable. The Parrot is harder to pilot because it has no sensors so crashing it is far more likely for beginners. Although I would say, for beginner drones that are good, you’re better off with a Spark, it’ll be less expensive than both these models.

Which drone is less expensive? 

Obviously the ANAFI. $699 vs $999 BUT consider the fact that the ANAFI has additional costs involved such as buying intelligent flight modes while the Evo already has them included in the model.

Which drone is more portable? 

The ANAFI gets the slight point here because it weights less, folds easier and is more sturdy. This makes it easier to carry around.

Looks like Parrot has a lot of advantages, why then does the Autel Evo score more?

As a whole, the Evo drone is just better in quality, from it’s actual body makeup, to it’s connection potential which makes it less likely to be lost in the air, it’s intelligent flight set up which also makes it more reliable and the fact that it’s camera is pretty awesome.

To use Parrot’s model well, you will really need to be a good drone pilot and have less leeway to get away with making mistakes while flying it. It’s a great drone, don’t get me wrong, but it comes with additional responsibilities to make that great flight and shot happen.

This is one of the reasons why I rated these drones as I did and why I had to explain each perk, of each drone in order to help you understand why depending on what you’re looking for, one or the other may suite you.

Personally, I stick to DJI models for now.

Especially when it comes to something like the Mavic 2 Pro (I also own an Autel Evo 2 Pro as well as 5 other drone models), that is my drone of choice out of all the portable, good drones out there. Certainly it’s far more expensive than these 2 models, but at the same time you have a lot of choices to pick from.

Simplified, let me conclude on this vs post like this:

Every single model I listed here films very well and takes great photos so if you’re looking for great shots, you’re fine.

If price is the only limit you have, go with the Parrot ANAFI.

If more reliability is what you seek and you’re not comfortable as a drone pilot, go with the Autel Evo.

And if you have more leeway for money, just go with the Mavic Pro 2, it’s levels ahead of both models. 

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